Buh-Bye To The Old: Declutter For Summer


We are in full Summer mode here! That means lots of tank tops, shorts, swimsuits and flip flops! And with that said, the majority of the kid’s school clothes are left forlorn in the corner of their closets. This is the perfect time to take 60 minutes on a lazy summer day (read: too hot to play outside) to say Buh-Bye to the Old and declutter for Summer!

Declutter for Summer

You know- the pieces that are too small, stained, have holes or are just plain ugly.

Throughout the school year their brains and intellect aren’t the only things that grow. Just today my daughter came out wearing a super cute skirt and I immediately thought to myself, hmmmm it looks quite a bit smaller than I remember. And sure enough it is 3 sizes too small!!! (Gasp!)

That’s what happens during the crazy, uber-busy school year when days and weeks blend together, homework spills over, dishes don’t get done for a day or two or maybe three, laundry is endless and there is never any time to set aside and do a good purge.

Decluttering will free your mind and provide clarity! I know I want more free brain-space, how about you? As a mom I’m constantly thinking, doing, creating, etc. Quickly cleaned up dressers and closets will bring a breathe of fresh air to your home during these hot summer months.

If your children are old enough, have them help you sort their outgrown, old or ruined clothes into piles:

  • Throw Away
  • Make Something Out Of
  • Give Away
  • Sell

If they are teenagers they may want to try to resale their clothing as a way to make summer spending cash!

So crank up the A/C, pour yourself a refreshing glass of ice tea or crisp white wine, turn on some music and take 60 minutes to say Buh-Bye to the Old. 

Declutter for Summer

You will be very thankful you did once the new school year roles around!

Ideas for where to donate your kids clothes that are still in good shape:

1. Single moms (handmidowns are a God-send!)
2. Churches
3. School district offices – they can distribute them to families in need
4. Abused Women’s Shelters & Homeless Shelters
5. Online communities that trade goods or give them away to those in need
6. A kids-clothing swap
7. A garage sale
8. Try to sell them at a kids resale shop

 Declutter for Summer 


Ideas for how to Reuse/Re-Purpose those pieces that are just plain worn out:

1. Use them as cleaning rags around the house and garden
2. Stash a few in the garage to use when washing the car – great for getting dirt and grim out of the nooks & crannies
3. Get creative and give the older kids a fun project! Type in “Fabric Scrap Projects” in Pinterest and pick your favorite!
4. Donate old blankets and towels to animal shelters


Happy Summer!

Declutter for Summer



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