Friday Favorites :: Camping Edition- July 2017


Welcome to Friday Favorites Camping edition! In case you missed the Facebook live, you can find it at the bottom of this post. BUT- we will also recap here and let you know where we found our must have Friday Favorite products in case you would like to get them for yourself!

friday favorites camping

Our first featured Friday Favorites product for camping is dry shampoo. As our girl Elisabeth mentioned in the Facebook live video, we can use dry shampoo for more reasons than just bringing it to camp. We can wear it on the daily for those days that we don’t want to bother washing our hair or getting it wet. For camping (tent camping that is), it’s best to use baby wipes as a “shower” and dry shampoo to tame the mane. It just means you can bring less products with you… and let’s face it- you are camping, so it doesn’t matter if you are a little bit dirty. I got mine from Target, and Elisabeth swears by Batiste.

Secondly– I recommend bringing bug repellant with you. No matter where you take your camping adventures, you never know what type of bugs you will come across. Being armed with any type of bug repellant will help you ease your mind a bit when your little one has something crawling up it’s arm. We love bug soother by Simply Soothing because it’s DEET free. 

Lastly– one thing we don’t go camping without: a sleeping mat. The bumpy looking one we got was from, but I know Wal Mart and places like Big 5 have them as well. We like the bumps on ours because it gives a little more with your weight than the flat ones. We have tried bringing an air mattress camping before, and let’s just say it.doesn’ 

An air mattress doesn’t keep the cold from the ground out. An air mattress takes up space. An air mattress doesn’t do well with weight distribution, so you end up squishing your children somewhere in the middle or they roll off the side. (I know from experience). Trust me when I tell you that these inexpensive, and lightweight sleeping mats are a must have. They work especially well in Yosemite in November. It’s cold there at night and the sleeping mats keep the cold away.

There you have it! This weeks edition of Friday Favorites!

What are some of your other must haves for when you take your family camping? Tell us in the comments below.



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