When Miss Independent Lost Her Freedom


Mom life can be hard, exhausting and full of poop. Don’t get me wrong, I love being “mama” more than anything in this world, but I also miss just being me. I miss my freedom. 

Is it just me?
Do you remember the days of complete independence?

When your day didn’t revolve around nap time or school pick ups. Going out for a night on the town wasn’t dependent on whether you could find a sitter or not, and Friday night boob play meant something entirely different. When people looked at you as an individual and not just one with the little human.

Oh, the freedom tasted so good.

The freedom to call in sick from work and hit the beach all day with a friend. When buying and drinking a whole smoothie to yourself, was the norm. Hitting the snooze button didn’t get a second thought and rushing out the door in ten minutes was possible. When your Target trip didn’t include diapers, wipes and a meltdown. 
It almost seems like a lifetime ago.
Now my days are filled with puzzling meltdowns, painful teething, breastfeeding, diaper changes, endless mom guilt and sleepless nights wondering… when is this season going to end? 
Then the answer hit me… the season is going to end way too soon!
Maybe my focus is in the wrong place, and instead of wondering when will it all end, I should embrace the uniqueness of this time.
Each stage of life will come and go way too fast.
Gone will be the days of small kisses, leg hugs, chubby hands, squeals of excitement, and childhood innocence.
And I have a feeling sooner than later, I will reflect on this very moment and think this was the easy part.
Maybe the lost independence I long for will be back sooner than later.
In the meantime, I plan to embrace and treasure every moment I have with my little one.  
How do you navigate through the tough stages of motherhood?



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