SDMB’s Favorite Things Party 2017 :: Let’s Craft!

This post is sponsored by all the wonderful local small businesses that helped make this party one we won't forget!

Every year, the San Diego Moms Blog team gets together at the end of the year to celebrate the Holiday season. We love to be together, since the majority of the time we are only communicating online. It’s so much sweeter to get everyone together and just spend that quality time in each others presence.

Not only that, but I like to give back to my incredible team of writers who do so much for our community. Along with all our amazing sponsors, I am able to shower the team with some of our absolute favorite things!

Without further adieu, here are our 2017 favorite things!

First and foremost, we have to gush about the brand new AR Workshop. It quite literally JUST launched at the end of October- and we are completely obsessed. The team was blown away just upon entering the workshop space. It’s a huge, wide open, creative space where your mind immediately starts turning with ideas for how you want your project to look. With the whole experience being completely hands on from start to finish, you walk away feeling like a professional artist. We built our signs by nailing boards together, sanding them, and beating them up with a hammer for that rustic look if we chose to!

The staff at AR Workshop is extremely attentive- constantly keeping your space clean, offering a helpful hand for the tricky times during the project, and always keeping your paint and stain cups filled. Shannon, the owner, is so passionate about letting us be the creative mind, while she acts as a guide to help facilitate all our ideas. We all walked away from that experience completely excited and ready for our next project! The options are endless!

AND- we have a special code to get you $10 off your next project (good through December 31st, 2017). Use code SDMOMS at checkout!

Here are some of the pics of our fun time at AR Workshop!

favorite things
The San Diego Moms Blog writer team and our finished products!

We had some delicious salads provided by Farmer’s Fix for us to munch on while we worked. They have a huge variety of salads to choose from, and they are perfect for the busy mom. They deliver them fresh the same day that they are made. We had them delivered to our party!!

With no commitment to a subscription, you can pause or cancel delivery at any time. You can always edit the amount and types of salads you want delivered to always have a healthy meal option readily available to you. Check out more information on their site!

AND they are running a black Friday sale starting NOW. The code to use at checkout is BLACKFRIDAY2017, and it’s good for 20% off for four weeks in a row. It’s their best promotion of the year!

For our drinks, we obviously had champagne (DUH!), but Beyond the Brew set us up with some delicious (and FRESH) teas to enjoy. I have to admit, I was super skeptical about trying the turmeric lemonade, but I was blown away at the taste. I couldn’t taste the black pepper at all! It was a perfect mixture of ingredients- and they are all 100% organic. We love that they are local and that’s why we chose them as part of our favorite things! You can get delivery or visit them at a farmers market or event that they have listed on their calendar on their website! 

Each of our writers took home some amazing skin care products from two local mom-run businesses. 

Lenus Handcrafted products are hand made aromatherapy products. I have personally used (and still use) the honey fruit face polish that’s oil free and it makes my face feel smooth after a nice exfoliation. For our team, Laura, the creator, made each of us a jar of the honey kelp rejuvenating face mask. What a perfect gift for us busy and tired mamas! It’s like a spa-in-a-jar is the best way to describe it. If you are still looking for more gift ideas- you might want to grab some of these products!

She is featured in our small business guide, and for a great reason. She has an amazing business! We love supporting local and small shops!

Our sponsor Elana, from Young Living, and featured as our top sponsor in our consultants guide, provided our moms with a soft and fluffy face cream. Made with essential oils, it just gives a relaxing and luxurious touch to our routine at the end of the night. 


Thanks to 2 Legged Mermaid, 2 of our gals walked away with these cute hats! There’s something for everyone on her site- you have to check it out why these hats are part of our favorite things! Her hats are made to fit women’s heads, so they aren’t too bulky or too tight. 


Another gracious thanks to all our sponsors who helped me shower my team who works hard all year long. we love supporting local and small businesses! 


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