A Moms Guide to Turning 30: The Good, the Bad… the Rest


Wether you haven’t quite reached your 30’s, or you have been here for a while- I hope this “guide” helps you navigate your 30’s or at least laugh and nod your head along side me.

And may I be the first to say, welcome to the club! Let me tell you… I wish this guide was around when I was 29 and 11 months. I could have used a few warnings about what it’s like to reach “dirty thirty!”


Let me just start with the WARNINGS:

  1. Your hormones are changing, or something like that, and random stuff happens to your body because of it…. like cavities. Prior to turning 30, I hadn’t had one little teeny tiny trace of a cavity. Not ONE. I turned 30, and got 6 of em’. 
  2. Your start to notice grey hairs! Seriously? YES! I literally woke up as a 30 year old woman and the greys stared back at me in the mirror, laughing histerically.
  3. It’s harder to workout. SHOCKER right? Well I’m used to working out 6 days a week and it seems to have gotten that much harder over night.
  4. It’s easier to gain weight. When you were in your 20’s, you could eat whatever you wanted without it affecting you! I honestly didn’t think this one would happen until at LEAST my 40’s, (that’s why I workout!). Let’s be honest, it totally sucks.
  5. You suddenly have a dairy or gluten intolerance. It’s gotta be those hormones again! Whatever it is, you now have to carry around a lactose pill and watch what you order at a restaurant so that you don’t go home and blow up the bathroom.
  6. All 20 year olds suck. You see these gorgeous, free spirits running around with no worries in their life and a streak of jealousy overcomes your soul. How you long for those days again. *sigh*
  7. You can’t shop at forever 21 anymore. No, really. You have to stop shopping there.
  8. It’s way too hard to stay up late. 10pm rolls around and my head hits the pillow. Then I’m out for the count. Can you relate?
  9. You can’t borrow money from your parents anymore. You’re an adult now.
  10. You accept and love yourself. Flaws, personal opinions and morals, and all. Which means you could lose some friends over the choices you make.

Enough of the sadness! Here’s all the reasons why being 30 is WHERE IT’S AT!

  1. Your hormones are raging! That means your sex drive is through the roof. Take advantage!
  2. You laugh HISTERICALLY at the 20 somethings that sport the new silvery colored hair trend…. because they actually paid money for something that you already have.

    thirty 30
    Image cred: http://thefashiontag.com
  3. You take advantage of your workout time. Alone. With no kids around. And that helps you focus on getting a good sweat on, doing something that you enjoy.
  4. You appreciate your body for everything it has done for you. Can we say, birthing babies? I bet you hated your body in your 20’s… oh but now, now you would kill for that thin- starving supermodel body. You now have amazing curves, and battle scars that you can appreciate, without all the pressures you felt in your 20’s about your body image.
  5. Wine is better then food. The end. Don’t waste your calories on dairy anyways.
  6. You have made a TON of mistakes in your 20’s, so you have more wisdom about pretty much everything.
  7. You don’t CARE about being trendy, or fitting in, because you are old enough to make your own choices. (And by now you have tried all the trends: adult jumpers anyone? And decided that you hate. Them. All.) You know that it’s best to be yourself.30
  8. You appreciate the times that you do get to go out. You save up all your energy and always have a blast because you know that these times are rare.
  9. You make enough of your own money that you can do with it what you want!
  10. You weed out the “friends” in your life that are toxic, and are content with having fewer friends, that are always there for you. You love yourself and they love you for you.

   Mamas- what do you love about your 30’s? Share with me in the comments below!


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