Why NOT to Set New Years Goals for 2018


You know how sometimes you wake up with a brilliant idea?

Yeah me either– until NOW!

I woke up the other morning and decided that I did NOT want to make “New Years Goals” for 2018 this year. 

In the past, I have always made goals, and been decent about accomplishing them. And once that happens, I just make more goals, so it’s pretty much consistent throughout the year, not just making goals to start on the first day of each new year. 

Making goals really works for me, and it might work for you as well, however, this year I really wanted to switch it up.

Maybe making goals isn’t your thing? Then I encourage you to try this with me….

For 2018 I am going to DETOX instead of make goals!

And I don’t mean some weird tea cleanse or anything related to my diet or weight loss. What I mean is taking a look at all the toxic things in your life and detoxing them. When’s the last time you “detoxed” your friends list on your Facebook page? When’s the last time you detoxed your inbox? When’s the last time you detoxed your wardrobe???

These are the things I am talking about! Getting yourself excited to make 2018 your year of detox is going to be so amazing! 

WHY would you not want to make New Years goals? Maybe you are putting too much pressure on yourself, or setting yourself up to fail. Maybe you will get burned out by February. Maybe you have NO IDEA what your goals are for this year! And all of that is OK! That is why I am offering this alternate way to take on the New Year, and who knows… maybe it will end up motivating you to set some goals!

Here is what I have planned- feel free to join me this year and use hashtag #sdmbdetox2018

-Detoxing my friends list on Facebook. Although my page is private, I know that there are probably some questionable people who are my “friends” and it’s about time I censor who is in on the goings on in my life. Same with all my social media platforms for that matter. It might take some time, but I know how important it is to take some time to detox my lists, and add better safety measures on each account.

-Detoxing my wardrobe. Whether you are considering switching to seasonal capsule wardrobes, or you just need to take a good look at the things you don’t wear and the things that don’t fit you- get some cleaning done! I plan on gradually switching over to seasonal capsule wardrobes as my budget allows and enlisting some help from a friend who is a stylist. The old rule applies- if you haven’t worn it in a year, it needs to go!

-Detoxing my bad habits. I have this annoying habit of playing Mahjong before I go to bed. It’s literally pointless and there are other things I could be doing like reading a book or spending quality time with my hubbie. We all have really bad habits that could use a kick to the curb. Lose them and replace them with something better.

-Detoxing my finances. We could all use a smack on the hands when we whip out that credit card to buy something we absolutely don’t need. If budgeting isn’t you thing, just simply make a plan to not buy things that aren’t beneficial to you. If I don’t NEED it, then it won’t be purchased. That will lead to buying less, and having less in my house. Less stuff = less stress! 

These are the top 4 that I am going to focus on for the New Year, what would you add? Will you join my in my quest? I would love to see your detox on social media!

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