Hope in Beauty: Finding Natural Local Products


Not too long ago, the newly-renovated University Towne Center (UTC) shopping mall near La Jolla opened their pathways to some of the chicest shops and restaurants ever seen in this beautiful city. I think I speak for many San Diegans when I say this was a much-anticipated transformation. Nordstroms had grand openings with tickets (I heard). Many quaint storefronts now warmly beckon you in. Among these, one store in particular has me especially enthralled.

For a few years now, I have been on an active search for what is called “clean” beauty. As you have probably heard, our makeup industry notoriously uses known toxic ingredients in their makeup products. So I support beauty brands that challenge the status quo and hold themselves accountable for the ingredients they use.

As a result, this clean-beauty junkie has discovered a super sweet find for our clean beauty needs. The good news is, it doesn’t have to break the bank either.

What makes this store a compelling option is that it also takes out the guesswork on whether a product is really “clean” or not. This is a breath of fresh air for those that may have been on the fence about even starting the nontoxic makeup journey.

The super sweet find: CREDO.

Not only is CREDO a darling place with non-toxic beauty products, but they live by an eco-friendly, cruelty-free standard of clean beauty.

At first, I entered with a measure of cynicism… and I busted out my phone to check EWG.org, like a good supporter of clean beauty (EWG.org is a great resource to check your makeup safety ratings based on ingredients and known toxic chemicals).

However, the more I learned about CREDO, the more I realized I didn’t necessarily have to go to EWG.org. CREDO, which is Latin for “I believe” – makes sure all their products fit their nontoxic standards.

As if this isn’t exciting enough – their colors are incredible! They have every shade of eyeshadow, from cobalt blue to glitter sparkles. Their lipsticks range from the neutrals and the reds to the grays, the purples, and greens – colors that make any makeup enthusiast’s eyes sparkle with delight! 

I left with a collection of products I absolutely love, and the enthusiasm of knowing I will be back!

During checkout, the cashier explained how some of the materials used for the makeup I bought were biodegradable.

Wait – WHAT?!


He also mentioned that they accept ALL old makeup packaging for recycling.

And that is when they captured my heart. In this CREDO, I found hope for a beautiful future. I also found faith in humanity; in knowing that good people work so hard to make this world better and beautiful, beyond makeup. And I fell in love.

All so that we can safely adorn our faces as canvases for expression! 

And as I walked out of the store, into the brisk, cool evening air of this lovely city, where the trees sway and the skies are blue, I left with a beauty that surpassed my makeup – I felt pretty darn lovely on the inside, too.





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