{SPONSORED} RISE of the Healthy Snack Chip!


Rise Buddy is on the move, and they are taking over the healthy chip industry . . .

You may have met Tim Sher and his beautiful wife Grace at one of our Signature Events or found a Rise Buddy chip bag stuffed into one of our swag bags. 

Let’s take a look at the family behind Rise Buddy!

Established in 1987, HC Foods is a family business. This Asian food distributor grew to become one of the largest Asian food distributors in Los Angeles. Soon the children grew to adults and were left with the task of keeping the legacy going strong. 

Tim Sher VP of Business Development with his wife Grace and children
Tim Sher, VP of Business Development, with his wife Grace and children

Why was Rise Buddy created?

“Kids are always going to crave junk food. So my goal was to find snacks that kids will eat, and parents would encourage them to eat. I found Wide Faith, rice snack producer in Thailand that was making Australia’s #1 rice crisps, and partnered with them to develop rice chip for American kids. Wide Faith loved the idea so much, they wanted to make Rise Buddy a global brand. Now, the easy part was launching Rise Buddy, the fun but long journey is encouraging families to change their buying and eating habits. Everyone will enjoy Rise Buddy brown rice chips, the Rise of Healthy Junk Food.” – Tim Sher


What is the best part about working for Rise Buddy?

According to Tim it’s the extra family time! Of course, there is hard work involved in running a business, however there is such a great benefit to working along side family members. Although the work day can come with disagreements, at the end, they are put aside and the family comes together to enjoy weekend dinners. 


What makes Rise Buddy so healthy?

Rise Buddy rice crisps are made from whole grain brown rice. Each bag contains 2 servings of whole grains and is Smart Snack compliant. We are Baked not Fried, Gluten Free and Trans-Fat Free. Our original rice crisps product is already in the market, but Rise Buddy “brown” rice crisps is newly developed. We are so proud of Rise Buddy rice crisps, a bold alternative to the current junk food options.

Where can I find Rise Buddy?

You can find them on Amazon 

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This post is sponsored by Rise Buddy and may contain affiliate links.

This post is sponsored by Rise Buddy, but as always, the thoughts expressed are 100% my own.


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