SDMB Approved: The Baby’s Brew – Mama’s New Best Friend


We’ve all been there. We’ve all felt the stress of deciding to request a cup of water from the server before the baby makes a scene—only for it to come out too hot or too cold.

Introducing “The Baby’s Brew“- the first ever battery-powered bottle warmer and solution for every on-the-go mom! 

The Baby’s Brew bottle warmer comes in two parts. The white part stores your formula, and the colored {coming in two colors-Ella’s pink and Scout’s blue} piece is the bottle warmer. 

With the bottle warmer’s innovative design, it’s compatible with most baby bottles making it so easy whip up a bottle. All you have to do is twist, press, shake and serve. It’s the the safest, quickest answer to guarantee your baby is fed on time, every time at the temperature they want. It features a sleek design, making it easy to fit into any bottle pocket.

Making a bottle now doesn’t have to be inconvenient. During church, on a walk, shopping, you can use Baby’s Brew wherever or whenever you choose. It also takes the place of carrying a bulky, heavy water bottle and a canister of formula—saving you the weight and space.  

I use this every day, wherever I go, whenever I want. Designed by local momma, Alaina, I won’t have to worry if I’ll have the right temperature water for my baby when I’m running around and no more transporting bulky items to make a decent bottle. 

For more information, please click here! And to check out more of our SDMB Approved products, head this way.


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