Summer Break: Traveling with Kids


It’s summer and we all (most of us) get all happy, until we realize that in order to travel, we have to take our kids with us! Ha! Jokes aside, travel can turn out really smooth, but usually it’s not! Especially if there is more than one kid involved.

I had a very rough time once, when I was coming back from Brazil to the States, flying with 2 kids. One was 6 and the other 10 months old. A solid 10-month-old baby! Like, pretty heavy!

To make a long story short, at one point I had no idea If I was going to scream bad words, cry out loud, or pray the entire flight… I then decided that I would NEVER fly without a few items EVER again!

I am sharing them with you because you can’t do it without these items either…

My Must-haves for Summer Travel

1) A great backpack, with compartments for laptop, diapers, bottle if you are not breastfeeding, snacks, and much more…

Photo Krisina Davini Photography

2) An umbrella stroller or a lightweight one. Forget about carriers, your lower back will thank you!

Photo Kristina Davini Photography

3) A change of clothing for me! At least a top, because we never know when babies will spit up all over you. Change of clothing for the kids, too.

4) Comfortable shoes and pants!

5) Backpacks for big kids.

6) New toy at the airport store. Believe me, it does the job for a while.

7) Yummy snacks for kids, like a bunch! You know, treats! Let’s make them happy for as long as possible.

Photo Kristina Davini Photography

These are my must-have things when I am flying or traveling on long trips. If you have any tips at all, please comment and share it with us! The more the merrier!!!

I hope all of you mamas are having a great summer!!!



  1. Muito bom, Renata. As vezes, levamos coisas desnecessárias. Boas ideias são sempre bem vindas!!!


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