4 Reasons A Minimalist Wardrobe Might Be For You


Minimalism may not appeal to everyone. About five years ago, it certainly didn’t resonate with me either. I adored my chunky clear light-up heels (which, as a mother of five boys, I rarely had an occasion to wear), my silver leggings that only made an appearance on Halloween, and my entire month’s worth of shirts. I hardly ever had to do laundry.

But here I am today, a full blown minimalist mom with no intentions of ever going back. While I’ve embraced minimalism in all facets of my life, my wardrobe is where I’ve witnessed the biggest impact.
So what changed? To answer that let’s take a look at some of the reasons that you, too, might want to consider embracing minimalism.

Space Considerations

Okay San Diego mamas, I know there are a number of us who are living in our cozy little 1950’s/1960’s homes, complete with cozy little bedrooms and cozy little closets. (Note: cozy = code word for TINY.)

For some of us, there simply isn’t a lot of space for excess clothing. But even if you have ample space in your bedroom for clothing, the actual space your clothes occupies also matters. If you’ve ever seen a KonMari dresser drawer, you know how beautiful perfectly spaced clothes can look.

So if you find yourself stuffing shirts down just to close your drawer, a minimalist wardrobe might be the perfect fit.

Minimalist Wardrobe, Quality Not Quantity

Keeping It Tidy

Especially for those of us with significant space considerations, maintaining a minimalist wardrobe is essential for an organized closet and bedroom. Have you ever seen those gorgeous photos of a clothing rack, with about 15 garments neatly hung and well spaced? They’re very visually appealing! And your closet could look like that, too. Your closet could look like that too. Similar to the KonMari drawers,, just having a tidy space can take a lot of stress off of your mental plate.

The great thing about a minimalist wardrobe is that it means you never have to pile clothes on top of the chair in the corner or shove them into the back of the closet. Everything fits neatly within its designated space and never looks overcrowded. 

Your Sanity

Minimalist Mom Outfit Inspo

Who wouldn’t want more of this, right?! This is where a minimalist wardrobe truly shines…it helps preserve your sanity.

Thanks to having less clutter and a tidier bedroom, there is no endless searching for that one piece that you know is there somewhere but  just can’t seem to locate. Your brain isn’t overburdened with decisions about what to wear because of an overabundance of options. A decluttered room can provide a sense of peace; it can genuinely become a sanctuary, rather than Monica’s secret closet (Friends season 8, anyone?)

Your Wallet

And lastly, your wallet will thank you. When you adopt a minimalist wardrobe you naturally spend less money on clothes. No more impulse buys just because you feel like it. Each item is carefully selected because you know it will be worn regularly. And because you’re buying less clothing, you can actually afford to buy better pieces that perhaps otherwise would have been out of the budget.

So what do you think? Could a minimalist wardrobe possibly be for you?might want to consider embracing minimalism.


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