Spring Into Savings with Cox Internet & Mobile Bundles

This is a Cox Communications sponsored post.

Cox Communications Bundle and Save Palos Verdes (1)Daylight isn’t the only thing you can save during tax season!

Spring is just around the corner, and the days are getting longer, thanks to Daylight Saving Time. The extra daylight hours also highlight the fact that it’s tax season. Oomph. April 15 isn’t far off, but regardless of whether you must pay this year or expect a refund, everyone wants to save money — and you can do so when you bundle your Cox Internet with Cox Mobile services.

Cox Communications is at the forefront of innovation and a leader in digital equity with its affordable internet programs like Connect2Compete and ConnectAssist. The company understands the importance of providing solutions that fit its customers’ pocketbooks. And Cox Mobile, which launched last year, streamlines the entire process of shopping for the best wireless deal and slashes not just the mobile phone bill, but internet, too.

Designed with simplicity and cost savings in mind.

Cox Mobile offers two simple plans – Pay As You Gig or Gig Unlimited — both of which run on the network with unbeatable 5G reliability. Even better, Cox Internet customers get a monthly discount on their internet service when bundled with Cox Mobile.

The staff at the Rancho Santa Margarita Solutions Store recently helped a long-time internet customer get big savings on his bill. The man stopped in to find out what he could do to lower his bill. He was older and hesitant to change (he’d been with his phone service provider or many years). After talking with Solutions Specialist Mark Smith, the customer felt ready to leap. He made the switch to Cox Mobile, received a brand-new iPhone 15 Pro Max, and reduced his monthly bill by nearly $40.

Thanks to the seamless integration of his cell phone and his internet bills, the customer later returned with his wife who also switched to Cox Mobile lowering the couple’s bill even more. Not only was the process streamlined and hassle-free, the customer and his wife discovered that convenience doesn’t have to come at a premium—it can actually lead to significant savings.

Affordable Internet Program

Bundling services is just one way for consumers to lower their bills. Eligible households can also take advantage of Cox’s affordability programs. Connect2Compete. Households without young children in the home such as retirees or college students may qualify for ConnectAssist, which offers internet service for $30 a month with fast speeds that are perfect for surfing the web, social networking, and video conferencing.

With Cox Mobile, which runs on the network with unbeatable 5G reliability, and Cox Internet, recognized as having America’s fastest download speeds based on analysis by Ookla® of Speedtest Intelligence®, you’re bound to save time and money when you bundle them together.

Tax season will come and go, just like Daylight Saving Time. But the low cost of consolidating services is here to stay. 

Visit Cox.com for more information and start saving today.


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