5 Reasons Why You Should Host an International Student with Education First


Hey mama, are you ready to add a sprinkle of global adventure to your daily routine? Or maybe you’ve thought about hosting an international student? Picture this: the laughter of new friends echoing through your home, the aroma of international cuisines wafting from your kitchen, and the joy of watching your children light up as they discover the world right in your home.

With Education First, you’re not merely offering a room to stay; you’re integrating an international student into the heart of your family. You’re fostering a world of cultural discovery and nurturing lifelong connections. Let’s explore the top five reasons why making the decision to host international students with Education First is the ultimate journey for families like yours.

Learn about the international cultures

Do you love learning about other cultures? Hosting students from across the globe allows you to indulge in an authentic cultural experience without stepping outside your door. And it’s not just an enlightening adventure for you—by welcoming individuals with diverse perspectives and customs, your children will cultivate open minds and gain an insightful understanding of the global community.

Lifelong memories and international friendships

host international student

I recently met a host family whose favorite aspect of hosting was the enduring bonds they formed with their international “sons” and “daughters.” When you host an international student, they become an indelible part of your family tapestry, just as you become a cherished chapter in their lives. The memories you create are invaluable, bridging continents and sowing the seeds for journeys yet to come.

Foster personal and professional growth

As a host family you have the chance to truly impact a student’s life. A lot of these students have dreamed of coming to the US for years, and living with a host family improves their language acquisition, cultural immersion, and ability to participate in multi-cultural dialogues. These invaluable skills will serve them well throughout their lives and they will forever be grateful for the home-away-from-home you’ve provided.

See San Diego through fresh eyes

In San Diego, it’s easy to get used to the perfect weather and the beautiful sunsets, but nothing makes your hometown seem new and exciting like the chance to show it off to a guest! Sharing your beloved locales with your student guests often leads to unexpected discoveries right in your own backyard.

Embrace community and special events

The benefits of hosting extend far beyond your front door. As a host, you and your family gain access to an array of special events and activities, from festive seasonal gatherings and dolphin cruises to enchanting shows like “Aladdin.” Plus, you’ll enjoy local discounts and reduced ticket prices for various San Diego sports events and cultural institutions.

Education First (EF)host international student is an international language school with a campus in Point Loma. Committed to opening the world through education, EF has been at the forefront of modern language learning since its founding in 1965. With students arriving each week from over 30 different countries, EF offers students and adults the opportunity to study a language abroad, whether this is a short-term course of two weeks or an Academic Year program of 9 months.

Interested in hosting? Sign up at homestay.ef.com, email Education First at sdhomestay@ef.com, or call them at (619) 501-3011.


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